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Bezuma prepares "Cine iubește și lasă / Foaie verde mărăcine"

Record Sounds Like: Silat Beksi, Rhadoo, Raresh, iO (Mulen)

Bezuma's latest is a Minimal/Micro House record that brilliantly encapsulates the essence of the genre while offering an essential twist.

This two tracker demonstrates Bezuma's skill in crafting a tight rhythmic soundscape reminiscent of Silat Beksi and Rhadoo, yet with his own flair.

The percussive flex of the opening track "Cine iubește și lasă" takes Bezuma's careful ear for the groove, where expertly controlled sounds mesh seamlessly with rhythmic beats. Keeping the energy on the level.

"Foaie verde mărăcine" delves into a deeper, more hypnotic realm. The track's strength lies in its ability to maintain a minimalistic approach while exuding a rich, layered depth. Bezuma's is balancing simplicity with complexity and pushing the limits, as the track's understated elegance resonates.


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