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ANOTR Unveils Next Chapter in Their Musical Odyssey with “How You Feel”


Undeniably, two of the most sought-after figures in electronic music, Dutch sensations Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney, better known as ANOTR, have solidified their standing as trailblazers in the house music landscape. Their journey, marked by sold-out shows, global events, and a critically acclaimed debut album, ‘The Reset,’ has reached new heights with the release of their latest track, “How You Feel.” Download/stream it here:

Having amassed over 140 million streams with their debut album and making waves with global events such as No Art and EXPO, ANOTR’s influence continues to expand. Their recent performance at Club Space during Miami Music Week further emphasised their prominence, culminating in their recognition as DJ Mag’s March Cover Stars.

As they embark on the next phase of their musical evolution, ANOTR joins forces with Erik Bandt and Los Angeles-based vocalist Leven Kali to unveil “How You Feel.” Born out of a collaborative global studio effort spanning LA to Amsterdam, the track arrives amidst their appearance at Coachella’s Weekend 2.

In a statement, ANOTR shared insights into their creative process, highlighting their penchant for immersive studio sessions. “We make most of our music at retreats by disconnecting for a few weeks and going fully into the music,” they explained. The addition of vocals from Leven Kali and the collaborative efforts with Erik Bandt resulted in a track that seamlessly blends vibrant bass lines, intricate percussion, and sweeping atmospherics.

“From the already iconic vocals courtesy of Kali to the vibrant bass licks and intricately worked percussion, ‘How You Feel’ stands as an early contender for track of the year,” remarked van der Heijden and Guney, reaffirming their commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

ANOTR’s latest release, ‘How You Feel’ feat. Leven Kali is now available via No Art, marking another milestone in their illustrious career. As they continue to captivate audiences worldwide, ANOTR’s innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to their craft ensure their place at the forefront of the electronic music scene.


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