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Veteran of the Brazilian scene, DJ Roque de Castro presents the EP "Acid Feelings" by Go On Trax

Updated: Feb 5

With experience on the dancefloors, the artist bets on energetic productions that combine tech house, acid and house.

Pulsating beats and acid lines mark DJ Roque de Castro's new EP "Acid Feelings", released on January 19th on Go On Trax, a sub-label of Go On Records. Founded in 2020, the label has stood out in the house and tech house scene, discovering promising talents from all over the world, and this time it surprises by introducing us to the groovy sound of the Brazilian. 

Roque Castro is a veteran of his country's electronic scene, with more than 25 years dedicated to dance music and an enviable CV of international tours and respectable releases on labels such as Prison Entertainment, Shake Records, Tactical, Cockpitch Records and more. Not to mention his strong presence in São Paulo's nightlife as a resident at parties such as Gang, Enxame and owner of Houseira.

His career has developed alongside the growth of House Music in Brazil. He appreciates the genre and has built his sound with firm roots in its classic lines. He combines these with different strands and implements more contemporary styles, as well as his expertise on the dancefloor. As a result, his productions are energetic and dynamic, designed to connect with the audience. 

In the three productions that make up 'Acid Feelings', the title track showcases the artist's potential on the dancefloor with a blend of intense Tech House and strong Acid House influences in its beats, synths, and basslines. 

Next, "I Got Believe" has a slower pace, but maintains its energy and captivates the listener. The production features minimalist arrangements that highlight the percussive lines and vocals, which are characteristic of Roque's compositions. The closing track, "That Sound", oozes personality by combining classic beats with futuristic and technological synthesizers and vocals.

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