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Up and coming DJ and producer duo S.U.R.E. enter 2024 with rave-inspired EP “Summer Of ‘89”

Released on January 23rd via Manchester-based Brick Sweat Records, rising UK based duo S.U.R.E unveil a contemporary take on the timeless sounds and samples from the legendary early rave era, encapsulated in three club-ready tracks.

The first two tracks, "1989" and "Original," immerse listeners into breakbeat euphoria, acting as sonic time machines that transport them back to the hedonistic gatherings beneath bridges, within warehouses, or wherever the magnetic pull of the party line beckoned back in ‘89.

The concluding track, "Reality," introduces a fresher two-step vibe, adding a distinctive touch to the overall experience of the EP.

The dynamic London-based duo have previously had tracks featured on Jaguar’s BBC Radio 1 Dance show as well as KISS, securing broader recognition on independent stations, such as Subtle, Aaja, Reform, Beat 106 Scotland, BBC Cambridgeshire, Melodic Distractions, and SWU.

Shae and Sam, of Brick Sweat Records, said: “When the lads shared their tunes with us, and we pumped them through the speakers, it was a no-brainer – these tracks had to make it onto our label. Our label's moniker pays homage to the rave era and our hometown Manchester, with its red bricks, terraced housing, and abandoned warehouses. This EP perfectly resonated with our label's vision and deep-seated roots.”

S.U.R.E added: "Super excited that these have found a home with Brick Sweat! These are some of the first S.U.R.E. tracks we ever made, and they perfectly encompass what the project is all about - our spin on throwing it back to the 90s rave era." 

The full EP release is out now and will be available to stream on all major platforms.


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