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Solique Debuts on LIFEFORMS with ‘Temporary’ EP

Following the marked success of its inaugural release in the form of Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Wide Awake’ EP on November 17, Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto’s newly-formed record label LIFEFORMS now looks to double its nascent release tally and finish the year with a flourish, as it announces of the label’s eagerly anticipated sophomore offering, ‘Temporary’ EP. Another delectable musical package bearing all the hallmarks of the label’s diverse and vibrant sound palate, LIFEFORMS’ second release sees label bosses Tim and Nicolas invite hotly-tipped electronic duo Solique for their eagerly-anticipated LIFEFORMS debut.


Featuring two brand new original cuts exploring some of the very finest avant-garde interpretations of stripped back techno and tribal electronica, Solique’s Temporary EP is a veritable masterclass in intelligent, cutting edge electronic music from the in-form, Austrian-Swedish outfit, who land on LIFEFORMS armed with a slew of impressive career releases on the likes of Innervisions, Applied Magic, microCastle, Chorus Records and MoBlack, amongst others.


Creating a hypnotic atmosphere with militant rhythms and frenetic synth stabs, partners Julien and Can kick-start the EP with the dynamic title track ‘Temporary’, a mind-bending cut that harnesses driving kicks and an intoxicating web of trippy synth intricacies. Darting between analogue timbres and cosmic tones, Solique’s mosaic of juxtaposed sound design elements makes this one of the most hard-hitting tracks on the label to date.


The EP’s second and final offering ‘Safe With You’ takes a stylistic turn from its predecessor, presenting an ethereal topline from vocalist Paul Brenning and a tribal rhythm that’s both rich and atmospheric in its effect. Presenting another masterful array of synth components that weave effortlessly between one another, ‘Safe With You’ takes listeners on a cinematic journey that’s vibrant, exciting and wholly satisfying.


Speaking about the release, Solique commented:

"In 'Temporary', we focus on how everything around us is always changing. Each track explores different aspects of this idea, showing how change is a constant part of life and music. Alongside 'Temporary' is the track 'Safe With You' featuring Paul Brenning, which stands out as a special collaboration for us. It brings a different energy to the EP, intertwining our signature sound with Paul's unique style. This track itself is about finding comfort and stability amidst the chaos of change, highlighting the warmth and security we find in connections with others, even in a world where nothing seems to last."


Established in November 2023 by Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto, LIFEFORMS’ mission is to provide artists with a dynamic platform for authentic self-expression; not merely as a record label but as an innovative playground for creative freedom. Here, artists will not only craft their own sonic narratives, they will also gain knowledge and access to modern tools that will empower their artistic journeys.


Whilst embracing cutting-edge technology, the imprint remains steadfast in its commitment to ensure that soulful, original music takes centre stage. Seeking to play a pivotal role in the development of artists’ careers, LIFEFORMS provides them with guidance and tools such as AI, blockchain and other inventive technologies to fully explore their artistry in the most forward-thinking way possible.


Solique – Temporary EP is out now via LIFEFORMS:


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