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Premiere: Zilka - Lightning [Unlearn:Records]


Unlearn:Records announces the release of its latest various artists compilation, Unlearn:Ibiza 2024, a diverse anthology that epitomises the forefront of electronic music innovation. This album highlights the label's avant-garde sounds and underscores the unique talents of each contributing artist across the house and tech house genres. Download it here:

Martin Solo inaugurates the compilation with "The Future Is," a track characterised by a profound, seductive groove and evocative vocal samples. Renowned for his ethereal soundscapes, Solo consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic music with each release.

Zilka, a prominent figure in the scene, is acclaimed for his intricate melodies and compelling rhythmic structures. Based in Tel Aviv and Portugal, Zilka crafts a distinctive fusion of house and Latin house, rapidly gaining a global following. His track "Lightening" is poised to electrify house dancefloors worldwide.

22 Weeks has garnered a dedicated following with his signature deep, driving basslines and infectious grooves. His track "Sexy Bass" features a raw, commanding bassline and an intense, glitchy rhythm that will captivate listeners.

From the underground scene emerges Tae Tae, whose blend of raw energy and innovative sound design sets her apart. Her track "The Sickness" exudes an eerie, haunting quality, with ethereal atmospheres anchored by a deep, earthy bassline.

Rounding out the compilation is Unlearn Records' founder Doc Brown. Celebrated for his dynamic productions that seamlessly integrate tech-house and techno elements, Brown delivers with "SFV," a vast and dramatic track, leaving a powerful impact.

Unlearn:Ibiza 2024 is a testament to the label's dedication to showcasing pioneering sounds and exceptional talent in electronic music. Prepare yourself for a compilation that redefines the boundaries of house and tech house.




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