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Premiere: Tre Reynolds - Come Closer [MicroHertz]

Tre Reynolds

Archie Hamilton's influential MicroHertz imprint welcomes Tre Reynolds, as the Liverpool-born artist is poised to conquer dance floors worldwide with his latest EP, "Old School Vibe," a journey back to the classic sounds that continue to ignite the scene. Buy/Stream it here:

Growing up in Liverpool, Tre was immersed in a melting pot of musical influences. He learned the essence of Chicago house from his mother, who had lived through the Golden Age of Britain's rave culture. Simultaneously, his father, a hip-hop aficionado, introduced him to the vibrant world of rap culture. These formative experiences provided Tre with the foundation for his musical journey and led him to stand out in the British House and Minimal Tech House scenes. The quality of his work has garnered the support and recognition of some of the industry's most prominent figures, including The Martinez Brothers, Michael Bibi, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Joseph Capriati, Dom Dolla, and John Summit, among others. Tre Reynolds is a versatile artist who has harnessed the essential hunger and passion for music, positioning himself as one of the next major global players in electronic music. It's not just a bet; it's a surefire win. "Old School Vibe," one of his latest masterpieces, is a testament to his talent. Energetic, bouncing, and a true dancefloor weapon, this track has garnered substantial support, particularly from Jamie Jones during the summer season. It's bound to keep you dancing through the night. In "Come Closer," Tre Reynolds offers another captivating experience. With its energetic bassline groove, hypnotic journey, subtle high synth chords, smooth vocal hooks, and an irresistible urge to dance, this track takes you on a euphoric journey of sound. Archie Hamilton's MicroHertz imprint continues to serve as a beacon for groundbreaking electronic music, and Tre Reynolds' "Old School Vibe EP" is the next dazzling chapter in this remarkable story.

Tre Reynolds



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