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Premiere: Lee Walker, Brent Anthony - Take It Back [Déepalma Soul]

Déepalma Soul presents the latest collaboration between renowned UK DJ/Producers Lee Walker and Brent Anthony. Buy/Stream "Take It Back" here:

"Take It Back" is an electrifying track that fuses UK Garage with deep and vocal house elements. The chunky drum grooves and skippy percussion create an infectious energy that keeps the momentum alive. Resonant synths add sophistication and depth, while sax solos bring sensuality and elegance. The soulful vocals deliver vibrant and heartfelt lyrics, creating a multi-dimensional and uplifting experience.

This track showcases both artists' impressive talent and creativity, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the genre. "Take It Back" is a must for late-night enthusiasts and dancefloor lovers.

Lee Walker & Brent Anthony's "Take It Back" is available from 27th October 2023 via Déepalma Soul:

Déepalma Records


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