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Premiere: Kas Yonen - Čornoboh (Earthenware Remix) [Polyptych Noir]

Ukrainian artist Kas Yonen makes his debut on Polyptych Noir this month with an emphatic Melodic Techno single titled 'Čornoboh'.

Joining Yonen on the release, two individual instalments of Brazilian finesse as Madomo Planet and Earthenware deliver respectively striking remixes.

A South American talent to earmark for the future, Earthenware's remix of 'Čornoboh' is overflowing with emotion and groove. Focusing heavily on creating atmospheric pressure through intricate layers of cinematic melody, its ethereal-tinged harmonies place you somewhere between earth and deep space whilst pumping you full of climactic rises and long and sweeping notes.

An undeniably stunning addition to the Polyptych collection, Kas Yonen's 'Čornoboh' is out on 25th February 2022.


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