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Premiere: Diamond Haze - Hello [Tapes Sublimating]

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Diamond Haze is an electronic music project formed in Budapest by Gábor and Milán. Gábor is a seasoned bassist with a musical journey traces back to high school bands, while Milán is a vinyl aficionado whose eclectic collection and DJ sets span a range of genres from early trance to modern disco. Check out their latest release here:

Diamond Haze's unique sound is made up of a harmonious fusion of their distinct musical backgrounds and innovative perspectives, with two releases to date on their own Tapes Sublimating label.

Their latest EP is Unstable Cloud Filter, a four-track release that further established them as a duo with a singular musical sound. Incorporating elements of house, dub, broken beat and even jazz across the four tracks, the result is a highly atmospheric and deeply engaging release.

From the punchy bass and ethereal pads of opener Hello to the shimmering synth lines and plaintive chords of closer Clouds, this is thoughtful, engrossing electronic of the highest order.



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