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NTIA - Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024: Unveiling the UK's Electronic Music Landscape

The National Trade Association for the Night-Time Economy (NTIA) is back with the highly anticipated 'Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024,' the second edition of the UK Electronic Music Industry Report. In collaboration with Audience Strategies and supported by Amazon Music, this comprehensive report dives deep into the cultural vibrancy, economic significance, and evolving trends within the UK's electronic music sector.

Understanding the Industry's Impact:

The 2024 report aims to fully understand the electronic music industry's economic contribution and cultural significance to the UK economy. From the dance floor's energy to the creativity within recording studios, the report celebrates the diverse talent propelling the industry forward. It covers economic contributions in recorded music, publishing, and the vibrant live scene, including concerts, events, and festivals. The new analysis delves into the audiences' perspectives that make up the electronic music scene.

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Key Highlights from the NTIA's 2024 Report:

  1. Digital Dominance: Electronic music is the second most popular genre on the UK's digital music platforms.

  2. Festival Frontiers: The genre leads with 30% of artists at UK festivals, surpassing other genres in popularity and presence.

  3. Global Recognition: The UK is esteemed as the third-largest host of electronic music festivals worldwide.

  4. Artistic Influence: Electronic music significantly influences 73% of the top 30 global artists.

  5. Fan Engagement: 80% of UK electronic music fans listen to the genre daily, showcasing its broad appeal and emotional impact.

Economic Contributions:

Despite a 6% decrease in total measurable impact (£2.5 billion) from the previous year, the industry shows resilience and growth in critical areas. Nightclubs declined but recorded music, festivals, and live events experienced positive shifts.

Delving Deeper:

'Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024' goes beyond the numbers, exploring narratives, trends, and case studies that paint a comprehensive picture of the industry's influence and innovation.

Industry Insights and Comments:

NTIA CEO Michael Kill highlights the enduring cultural value of electronic music in the United Kingdom, emphasizing its sense of community that transcends borders.

David Boyle of Audience Strategies underlines that electronic music is not just a genre but a thriving community and a hotbed of creativity and innovation.

Maria May, Head of Electronic Music at CAA, stresses the report's exploration of electronic music's impact on job creation, tourism, and community well-being.

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester, and Wez Saunders, CEO of Defected Records, acknowledge the industry's challenges but celebrate its resilience and contributions.

Carly Heath, Night Time Economy Advisor for Bristol, advocates for better support and recognition of dance spaces as essential community places.


Despite facing challenges, the UK's electronic music scene continues to thrive culturally, fostering community and innovation. To ensure its sustained growth, the industry calls for easing regulatory pressures, enhancing financial support, and championing the UK as a prime destination for electronic music. With concerted effort and strategic support, the future of electronic music in the UK remains promising and impactful. Explore the full 'Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024' report to unlock exclusive insights into the vibrant world of electronic music.

For a comparative perspective, take a moment to download and review "Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2023" - Download the 2023 Report


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