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Nadav Dagon drops new organic house EP “Egypcia” feat. Max TenRoM & Catatonique Remixes

Nadav Dagon
Nadav Dagon

Baikal Nomads is a respected organic house record label, and the imprint's new release features original music by Nadav Dagon, plus stunning remixes from Max TenRoM and Catatonique.


Nadav Dagon is a sizzling organic house producer whose sun-drenched tracks and live performances fuse live instruments with synthesisers and drum machines. He is an Israeli artist who has played international shows everywhere from India to Brazil, and his music has been released on prestigious record labels such as Camel Riders, 3000 Grab Records, plus his own Circle of Dreams. Nadav Dagon also collaborated with Roy Rosenfeld for a release on Guy Gerber's Rumors.


Carla Valenti collaborates on one of the original tracks in the style that the Chilean artist has featured on the likes of LNDKHN and BLOND:ISH's Abracadabra Music. The other original track has been made alongside GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar.


On remix duty, Max TenRoM is a French artist who blends jazz musicianship with electronic sounds. Inspired by exotic sounds and different world cultures, Max TenRoM's music has been supported by people ranging from Goldcap to Above & Beyond, and his tracks can be found on imprints such as MONADA, Cafe De Anatolia and Harabe.


The second remix comes from Catatonique a Mexican duo whose downtempo style blends epic synths with immersive atmosphere and flowing percussion. Alongside releases on their own record label, Subnautique Records, their tracks and remixes can also be heard on the likes of Lump Records, Shango Records and kośa.


Opening the release is the collaboration with Carla Valenti titled, "Egypcia." The track centres around a modulating arpeggio synth that's shrouded by Arabic guitar chords and dramatic live percussion, while the thumping kick drum and throbbing bassline hold the groove steady.


"First Night Back" is second of the two original tracks, and it's a three-way collaboration between Nadav Dagon, GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar. It's a deep an atmospheric track with haunting vocals and soothing melodies, which are layered with shuffling percussion and a bassline that warps into a bubbling acid line.


Catatonique's remix of "Egypcia" focuses round a chugging section of the original's bassline, and adds new synths that give the track a chunky groove.


Max TenRom adds an Afro house vibe to "First Night Back," as his rework incorporates dramatic percussion and more prominent use of the original's vocal.


Get a copy HERE.


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