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MÜSE’s annual Miami Music Week VA returns with label regulars & new faces

Whether scouting for new talent or delivering stand-out releases from established names alongside their own productions, Dennis Cruz and Eddy M’s MÜSE continues to showcase why it’s home to some of the biggest releases in rotation for leading names all year around. Following on from 2022’s impressive edition, the annual music calendar fixture of MMW brings more fresh material to soundtrack Miami sun as 2023’s lineup welcomes eight artists, both familiar and brand new.

Returning to the label, GruuvElement’s, Bizen Lopez, BizZa and Stefano Crabuzza all serve up typically slick productions to showcase just why they’re quickly becoming familiar names on the imprint, while label debuts from Nestor Neven, Matt, Esther Bronchal, Nico Bonelli and Sam Warner highlight the pair’s ongoing A&R efforts to scout talent from across the globe - with each producer showcasing their individual styles and flavours while staying true to that rolling and groovy MÜSE sound.

MÜSE’s 2023 ‘Miami Music Week’ VA is available now.

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