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Mika Olson Revisits Déepalma Records With Gripping New Single 'Tomorrow'

Updated: May 16, 2023

Born in Germany and now based in Saigon, Vietnam, Mika Olson is one of Europe’s constantly growing members of the blooming dance scene in recent years. Following his ‘Suburra’ release in late 2022, Mika returns to Déepalma with another impressive offering in his latest single.

You can buy/stream it here:

‘Tomorrow’ is an instantly engaging club cut led by soulful male vocals and driving grooves. Tight drums and elegant percussive steer the track forward through a sea of guitar licks, pulsating keys and sweeping textures as it ebbs and flows with fluidity between atmospheric builds and immersive danceable segments. 

2023 marks an impressive milestone for Déepalma Records as they prepare to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The label has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, welcoming releases from some of the best-known artists on the planet and helping springboard some of the industry’s most promising talents. To celebrate ten years of Déepalma - the imprint is releasing a set of exceptional anniversary singles throughout the year, along with two extra-special editions of its renowned seasonal compilation series, packed with a wealth of impressive tracks.

Mika Olson’s ‘Tomorrow’ is available now via Déepalma Records.


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