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Luca Morris releases explosive techno EP, ‘Ghiaccio’

Luca Morris
Luca Morris

Luca Morris is a highly respected Italian producer who is known for releases on record labels such as Terminal M and Codex. His new release is a two-track peak time techno EP on MJA the Vision, which is a new record label that has been set up by Clif Jack.


Both of the cuts on this release are mammoth tracks with a dance floor focused energy, and it’s arguably a double A-side due to the exceptional production quality.


The title track “Ghiaccio” is a striking cut with dramatic bursts from the rhythmic stabs that underpin cinematic vocal textures. Its pulsating bassline and hammering kick drum lay a solid foundation in the low-end frequencies, and the lead arpeggio is fuelled by waves of modulation.


Cara Cara” is the second track on the release, and it lifts the tempo with solid percussion and a throbbing bassline that provides a framework for the groove. Its menacing vibe subsides for the ethereal mood of the breakdown, then the brutality of the percussion regains control.


Buy a copy HERE.


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