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Kevin de Vries comes through with a new single on Afterlife ‘Dance With Me’ incl. Kölsch Remix

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Afterlife family member Kevin de Vries invites us to "Dance With Me" as he returns to the label with his spellbinding new single.

Composed of undulating synth waves, punchy beats and a monotone female vocal, ‘Dance With Me’ is a compelling invitation into the enchanting realm of the dance floor.

Alluring, progressive and hypnotic, its power lies in its simplicity. Kölsch handles remix duties, adding layers of funky analogue synth and ramping up the tempo for a more energised dance.

Artist(s): Kevin de Vries, Kölsch

Title: Dance With Me

Record Label: Afterlife

Cat.Number: AL069

Release Date: 7th September 2022


1) Dance With Me (Original Mix)

2) Dance With Me (Kölsch Remix)


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