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Josh Butler and José Rosa unveil their second Maritime Yacht Club release - ‘Change’

Following their debut single ‘On My Own’, Josh Butler and José Rosa are back with another slice of vocal-led deepened electronic prowess with the next single from their forthcoming twelve-track debut album to be released under their Maritime Yacht Club project.

Their next single, ‘Change’, is another impressive exhibition of the duo’s creative capability, blending a plethora of immersive electronic influence and loosened grooves to carve out a silky deep house cut with endless layers of rich melodies and dreamy vocal injections.

“This project has been a long time coming, and we are very proud to have accomplished this together,” says José. “We wanted to create a concept that was different to anything else out there. We felt combining vocal-led underground house and commercial sounds would create a unique and captivating result.”

Maritime Yacht Club is the creative brainchild of renowned UK tastemaker artist/Origins Rcrds label boss Josh Butler alongside longtime friend, talented singer/songwriter and fellow producer José Rosa - who co-wrote and provided the vocals for Josh’s iconic hit record ‘Got A Feeling’.

After more than a year in the making, 2023 sees the launch of this collaborative project, which has more to it than meets the eye. Think sultry, vocal-led, commercially-tinged dance cuts with shards of deep house, breaks, jazz, electro and much more.

Since meeting in 2012, Josh and José’s friendship has remained a continuous platform for creativity. The pair have continued to absorb nightlife together in Leeds and Liverpool and work closely on projects throughout the years - leading to the birth of Maritime Yacht Club.

Their first major project together, ‘Got A Feeling’ in 2013 (which has been a vital component of Josh‘s success over the years), celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and has received an almost unimaginable level of accolades in that time. The record won an award for the biggest-selling track of 2013 on Beatport with Bontan’s remix, which was the overall number one for six weeks straight and is still one of its highest-selling records of all time on the platform.

Maritime Yacht Club began to grow into something tangible during the lockdown in 2020, helping José through one of the most challenging times in his life and providing an outlet for himself and Josh to throw themselves into during a period of stagnation for many in the music space. What ensued over the months that followed slowly began to take shape in the form of a diverse body of work, ready to share with the world in all its stylistic glory.

With a 12-track debut LP in the pipeline for 2023, including a wave of single releases from the album, you can expect the underground-influenced yet commercial-focused flavours of Maritime Yacht Club to flood your daily listening rotation and fuel your standout dancefloor moments this year and beyond.

Maritime Yacht Club’s ‘Change’ is available to stream/buy now:

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