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Interview: Getting to know Peruvian artist Ammo Avenue

With previous releases on labels like Rawthentic, Deeperfect, Black Book and Repopulate Mars, Ammo Avenue continues his rise through the Peruvian underground scene establishing himself as one of house music’s most exciting newcomers.

His latest release lands on Poker Flat: a remix of Steve Bug and Huxley's collab L.O.V.E which reworks the rhythm track and adds various new sounds and FX, but stays true to the rave- infused vibe of the original.

Thanks for joining us today. Where are you writing to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Thanks for having me! I’m writing you guys from my hometown, Lima - Peru. Been working a lot in the studio these past few weeks, ahead of our South American summer time season.

Tell us about your journey into music and what led you to this point.

My house music journey started during my final highschool years and hasn’t stopped since. Next year it’ll mark 10 years for me both mixing and producing records which is a cool milestone for me. It’s been a non-stop hustle since I started, especially coming from Peru where our scene is still in development. I'm really happy with the music I’ve been making and releasing, which has been my main weapon to achieve my goals so far.

Tell us about your latest release remix for Poker Flat. How did you go about reinterpreting these two heavy hitting artists?

I was surprised in a great way to see the request coming in from Steve. I have admired his work since I started discovering house music and like Huxley, they both have had a huge influence on my sound, especially when it comes to being versatile and innovative. For this remix I wanted to keep the original vibe from the lead synth, yet place it in the current swinging / bouncy groove that I was visualizing for it.

In recent interviews, you've described your sound as "house music with attitude," emphasizing unique swing bass and drums. How do you see your music evolving in the next few years, and are there any new styles or influences you're eager to explore?

Same as for this remix, I love playing around with the swing and groove of most elements in my records. I always love to explore between genres and styles, so I’m really excited to see what can come up in my next productions. Recently I've been exploring a lot with breakbeats, fat sounds and garage vibes.

Being a prominent figure in the Peruvian electronic scene, how do you feel your cultural and geographical background influences your music? Do you think it sets you apart in the global house music scene?

For sure it does. We have a lot of “flavour” around here and that for sure is portrayed in my sound. I believe the cultural variety we have in Peru is shown in the versatility I like to have when playing and making music. That gives me the tools to adapt for whatever situation I might find myself in. That’s the beauty of having so much diversity where I come from.

You've played alongside and received support from major names like Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, and Marco Carola. How have these interactions shaped your approach to music production and performance?

It’s always amazing to see your music being approved by your big influences and I consider it really important to go out and interact with the night. Playing so many amazing venues, shows and lineups has become a constant source of inspiration and creative boost for me and for when I play a set or get back to the studio.

With your increasing presence at major venues and festivals worldwide, what are your long-term aspirations in the music industry? Are there any specific goals or milestones you're aiming to achieve in the coming years?

I’m here to stay. I love the life I chose and I see myself running a brand that hosts different sides to this business. A label, a showcase, a festival, a startup, a ticketing company, you name it. I believe there’s so much more to do and I’m constantly working towards it.

Given that we're in December - how has the year been for you, in terms of your career progression?

It’s been my best year for sure, playing nearly a hundred shows including massive venues like The Warehouse Project in Manchester, and releasing my music on some of my favorite labels like Kaluki, Moon Harbour and now Poker Flat, I can only look back at this year and feel happy with the results. Moreover, I feel so motivated for 2024.

Finally, what's been the biggest record of the year for you?

I’d go with Jasper James’ Keepon. Such a powerful, crispy, percussive led track. The vocals smoothly coming in and creating a massive tension is just a vibe. Goes off everytime.

Steve Bug & Huxley - L.O.V.E (inc. Ammo Avenue Remix) is out now

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