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Interview: Getting to Know Denmark-based techno DJ/Producer, Dan Sesko

Dan Sesko
Dan Sesko

Dan Sesko is an exhilarating new techno artist who recently dropped his debut EP via Barbuto's record label Mavic Music. Hailing from Odense in Denmark, Dan Sesko blends driving percussion with gripping synth lines to create tracks that are reminiscent of other producers such as Reinier Zonneveld and Julian Jeweil. Excited to learn more about the peak time style of this exciting up-and-coming producer, we invited Dan Sesko for this interview…


Hi Dan Sesko, can you start by telling us what first attracted you to techno, and how would you describe your style?


“I have been listening to electronic music as far back as I can remember. My parents were quite young when they had me and they always listened to early dance music in the car or at home in the kitchen. I have always been drawn to the more energetic electronic genres, and techno to me, is just the perfect blend between energy, groove and storytelling. To describe my own style, I would call it driving, energetic, melodic, and impactful.”


Tell us about the local music scene where you live, and what influence it’s had on your own music?


“There is not much of an actual techno music scene where I live. It’s slowly on its way up, with Danish acts as Faustix touring the country with a techno concept show. I honestly more often seek inspiration out and about in the rest of Europe. That would be Germany, Belgium, Holland, and the UK, just to name a few. To sum it up, I guess it influences me to go with what I find to be good and energetic music mostly.”


Your new release “Solar Ray” comes via Barbuto's record label Mavic Music, and I wanted to ask how you first made contact with the imprint?


“I am part of a music community called Finish More Music for a number of years and through that, got in touch with Barbuto and his label through that community. I sent a couple of demos, Barbuto liked them, and then we settled on a release. This being my first ever experience with a label has been such a joy! The people at Mavic Music, the community behind it and Barbuto himself, have been so kind and accommodating. I really appreciate the way I have been received.”


Solar Ray is an EP featuring two of your original tracks, and it would be great to learn more about those productions and their concept?


“I am still learning and settling on a workflow when producing. That means that sometimes when I make a track it can take forever to finish and it more often than not comes out sounding way overproduced. These two tracks are the essence of me not letting myself get caught up in some weird little detail that only I will be able to hear. I was just producing while having fun. That's what is the most important thing for me these days when producing music, and I believe that the audience is able to hear that.”


Talk us through your studio set up, and any equipment that’s essential for your music production style?


“I used to have a lot of gear. Push 2, Akai APC40, Korg Kaos Pad, different midi keyboards and controllers. Then with the help of the earlier mentioned music community, I refined my workflow and got to the conclusion that all that gear was just pulling me out of the flow. I boxed it all up, put it away, and now I don't even have a midi keyboard on my desk. It's all happening in my head, and then straight into Ableton Live. It works for me, and I am finishing more tracks than ever. Could be that I am gonna pull out a piece of gear at some point, but then it will be a planned session for playing around.”


What was your biggest achievement of 2023, and what made it such a special moment?


“My biggest personal achievement not regarding music was staying sober for a whole year. Everything just took off. Work, working out, being a parent, and making music. I can't recommend enough to just try and take a whole year out and only spend time on your goals and dreams. That year is gonna be over more quickly than you think and you will feel a lot farther down the road towards your dreams than ever. On the musical aspects, there is the fact that I am actually finishing tracks instead of just making loops or build-ups. everything I start turns into finished tracks. There is always something to learn from finishing your ideas, and there is no such thing as a bad idea when it comes to music. It just hasn't come to life yet. Last but definitely not least, is my debut release on Mavic Music. It made me believe in myself as a music producer and as an artist.”


What is coming next in your schedule, and what are you most excited for in 2024?

“I have a lot of new music I want to release throughout the year, and I am super excited to share my musical taste and sound as a DJ. My musical journey on social media is also going to be playing a big part, and let’s see, maybe 2024 is going to get me out to play for the people.”


Thanks for taking the time to run through this interview, is there anything you would like to add before we finish?


“I would like to thank the reader for taking your time to read this interview. I really appreciate it. I also would like to reach out to fellow music producers just starting out, and tell them all that hard work outshines talent every time! So, get in the studio or on your laptop every day and you are going to see results. Have a great 2024!”

You can pick up a copy of Dan Sesko's new "Solar Ray" EP from HERE.


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