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Interview: ADRIANNA on the rise and rise of Temple House

DJ, producer and label owner: ADRIANNA is making an unmistakable mark on the global electronic music scene.

She started 2023 with a bang, releasing her Beatport Hype hit ‘Confidence’ on DJ S.K.T’s Stashed Music. Two singles on her own Temple House Music followed, ‘Falling’ and ‘Got The Night’: both hair-raisingly accomplished tracks straddling the borders of tech house and techno and illustrative of her love of blending vocals with tough, club-ready beats.

In the last few years, ADRIANNA has played and held residencies across the UK, Ibiza, Cyprus, Mexico, India, Dubai, Qatar, and the Maldives, performing alongside, Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Cloonee, Idris Elba, Patrick Topping, Solardo and Roger Sanchez.

The live highlight of 2023 however was ADRIANNA hosting her own Temple House Music stage at Electric Garden festival. The stage boasted a huge lineup of DJs including Franky Wah, Danny Howard and Rebuke, with the headliners performing to more than 15,000 ecstatic ravers and laying the foundations for a huge run of festival appearances in 2024.

With the sound of Electric Garden still ringing in our ears, we caught up with ADRIANNA to find out what to expect next...

When did you establish Temple House and what is its ethos?

Temple House officially launched this year and is a home for people who love to dance and get lost in the music.

You curated a killer line-up for Electric Garden... are these artists that have been on your radar for a while?

I’ve been really inspired by the artists on the line-up through their productions or live performances. The event was incredible, and the feedback from people who came has been insane! I think we ended up with one of the biggest crowds of the day for the last few hours. It was exactly the vibe I had in mind when I set up Temple House. 2024 festival season is going to be huge for us.

How much do you have to consider the flow of a night when picking acts to perform on stage with you?

I think there is more freedom in a festival than a nightclub. People are more open and not so worried about the timeslot and the flow. They often come to see a particular artist or are open to discover new music in a way they haven’t heard it before.

What would you say makes Temple House stand out?

As we build the brand, aside from the music we are focusing on the audience experience, working to create an energy that is unforgettable and uplifting.

What have been some of the challenges of setting up Temple House and making it a success?

There are so many moving parts to running a label and doing events. Like anything, there is a lot of learning while you go but I’m lucky to have a team of people, some who have done it before to help navigate through many of the unknowns.

Can we expect more events of this calibre becoming a regular fixture in clubland?

We are already working on several upcoming events and look forward to announcing them soon!

Release-wise, what should we be looking out for from you and the label over the coming months?

More releases in 2023 as well as upcoming remixes and collaborations. I can’t share too much yet but there are a lot of exciting things happened in 2023/2024.

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