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Ian Carey's hit "Keep On Rising" gets an edit by Brazilian André Moret

Track is available as a free download on Hypedit and Soundcloud

By Nicolle Prado

The year was 2008 and "Keep On Rising", by Ian Carey with vocals by Michelle Shellers won the world, becoming a real EuroDance hit, playing on the main radios and winning fans around the globe. Now, 15 years later, the track prepares its return, this time by the hands of André Moret, a Brazilian DJ and producer, who has just released an edit in free download by Melodic Deep, via Hypeddit and Soundcloud.

With a differentiated vision within the world of Dance Music, Moret has been telling stories through his powerful sound, which walks between the progressive lines of House and Techno. No wonder, he already collects a prestigious resume, with releases by labels such as The Soundgarden, Clubsonica and Plattenbank, while on the dance floors, he causes an impactful effect, bringing out deep emotions, while making them dance incessantly.

That sonic identity is present in this new release. In "Keep On Rising (André Moret Edit)", the progressive melody is the protagonist, with soft beats, key lines and a sublime ambience create the immersive atmosphere, characteristic of the artist. Although it has kept the elements that consolidated the track, the new guise brings a serene and vibrant synergy. Check it out:

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