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Hot Picks: Reviving the Sounds of Italo with Peter LC

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Founders of London-based event series Appetite, hotly-tipped pairing Elliot Schooling and Liam Palmer kicked things off in style earlier this summer with the long-awaited launch of their in-house label, linking with singer/ songwriter Halana Roma for the excellent ‘Hey Jonny’ - with support from Marco Carola and Jamie Jones to BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong and Sarah Story. Stepping up to deliver the sophomore release, the pair welcome Italian-born DJ/producer Peter LC to the label, an exciting name whose experiments within Italo house, disco and classic house spheres have seen him feature at venues across a wealth of European cities. Serving up a track drenched in throwback influences while looking forward to the future, he unveils a track fuelled by 80s sonics with ‘Miami 87’. You can download/stream it here:

In celebration of his latest release, we asked Peter LC to provide us with a Hot Picks selection. Speaking about his choices, he says: "These 10 tracks are fully “Pugliesi”. My aim with this playlist is to shine a spotlight on the incredible talents we have in my beloved homeland, Apulia, whose influence has been instrumental in shaping my own sound and production style. Apulia, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant traditions, has been an endless source of inspiration for countless artists, and within this captivating tapestry of life, lies a musical treasure that is worth it to be discovered."

Get locked in and ready to groove:


Rhythm of Paradise – Feel Me Now

This one takes me back to my university years in Madrid, where my closest friend, Marco, and I would make it a daily ritual to spin it on our record player in the living room before heading to class. Crafted by Michele, an artist of profound cultural significance within the realm of Italian house music, it serves as an authentic wellspring of inspiration for me. Whenever I immerse myself in his creations, I find myself effortlessly transported back to the evocative atmosphere of the 1990s, laden with nostalgia.

Mixmasters feat Mc Action - In The Mix (Fast Eddie Mix)

Costantino Padovano was an iconic figure in the Pugliese and international house music scene. This track, one of his most famous, is a true anthem of the 90s club culture. It's been sampled time and time again, becoming the cornerstone of global hits in the early 2000s. It's one of my absolute favorites to drop during peak hours at the club.

Cosmic Garden - Drive Me To The Sun

Besides being a great friend, mentor and teacher, Nicola is a true artist when it comes to house music and underground electronic music. Despite its relatively recent release date, this record has all the makings of a great 90s Italian classic.

St. David - Set You Free

St David, an Apulian prodigy, has unleashed a fresh house track with GROOVIN Records that oozes 90s nostalgia. With infectious beats, it's a modern classic that'll transport you back to the golden era of dance music. This is a must-listen for anyone craving that authentic 90s club sound.

Giuseppe Scarano – Same For You

Giuseppe Scarano's disco house track, a sensational dancefloor anthem, has been a personal favourite of mine during my DJ sets at Goya Social Club in Madrid. With its pulsating rhythms and irresistible funk-infused basslines, it has consistently ignited the dancefloor and left the crowd craving for more. Scarano's track has become synonymous with unforgettable nights of dancing and celebration, thanks to its infectious energy and timeless disco vibes that I've had the pleasure of sharing with the club's enthusiastic audience.

Ruff Stuff – Last Chance

In the bustling city of Berlin, fate brought Nanni and me together during a performance at the Small Great Things showcase at OXI Club. The moment we crossed paths, it was as if we had been friends for a lifetime. Sharing our roots in Apulia, our connection was instant, deepened by a mutual admiration for each other's musical creations. Nanni's productions have earned my utmost respect, and our encounter in Berlin was a testament to the power of music and the bonds it can forge. It's moments like these that remind us of the incredible connections that can be made within the global music community.

Junior Jack – My Feeling (Kick N Deep Mix)

Not everyone may be aware that the renowned hitmaker Junior Jack hails from Apulia. His timeless track, 'My Feeling (Kick N Deep Mix),' has been setting dancefloors ablaze for decades, and its enduring popularity proves it's still a current banger that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Junior Jack's Apulian roots have undoubtedly played a role in shaping his incredible talent, and it's a source of pride for our region to have produced such a musical luminary. His iconic track is a testament to the lasting power of quality house music, transcending time and generations to keep the party alive.

CEM3340 – Ahora

Cristian from Apulia is undeniably one of the most talented artists. His unique electro sound, deeply influenced by Detroit, is instantly recognizable. A true synth and gear enthusiast, his track 'Ahora' is a personal favorite. I've had the pleasure of playing it in Berlin at AEden Klub and during my gigs all across Europe, where it never fails to set the crowd on fire.

Peter LC – Miami ‘87

Including 'Miami '87' in my 10-track playlist was a no-brainer. This latest release, which dropped on October 13th via Appetite London, is a true source of pride for me. It's a sonic journey that encapsulates my deep passion for 80s Italian disco and electronic music, showcasing the essence of Apulia's most talented producers.

Antony Reale - Lay Back on Paradise (Everybody) 2015

Antony, the maestro behind Subathority Records, is a true musical legend in our region. With profound respect for his artistry, he unquestionably earns his spot on this playlist. His latest record is a genre-blending masterpiece, a thrilling and unheard-of banger that's been in my musical arsenal for a while. I've eagerly awaited the perfect moment to unleash it on the dancefloor, and that moment is just around the corner – my London debut at Appetite's Halloween party at The Cause. Get ready for a sonic journey like no other!



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