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Hot Picks: Physical Education & Murdocco share 10 classic cuts

Up next for the sixth installment of Mixmasters Red is the international collective Physical Education. The group, founded in London by Luke Scheybeler and David Phillips, is now based in Barcelona, London, Paris, and Prague. A fascinating project consisting of artists with true musicianship. It’s a real pleasure to have such exciting artists on the Mixmasters imprint.

The release was a standout submission in the Mixmasters ‘Get Signed Music’ competition, using the vocals of genre-defying singer-songwriter Murdocco. The Uruguayan artist was on a Mixmasters marketing retreat in the summer of 2022, taking the chance to work in the legendary Ibizan Metrica Studios recording her own original Spanish vocals. Using the vocals in the competition, Physical Education wrote the track and recorded it at Physical Education’s “Mountain House” studio in Northern Catalonia in the Pyrenees, creating an atmospheric, Latin-flavored, deep house epic. Latin percussion parts were recorded in New York City. Flamenco guitar was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel. The flute was recorded in London. A demonstration of music transcending borders and bringing different artistic cultures together in one special record.

The end result is a deep soulful house record that takes you on a journey, the story of two people meeting, dancing, and falling in love when their eyes meet across the dance floor. A 12-minute Latin epic you won’t want to end.

Physical Education featuring Murdocco ‘El Momento’ is out now on Mixmasters Red.

We asked Physical Education and Murdocco to share their hottest picks that shape the artists they are today, check it out below! PHYSICAL EDUCATION - HOT PICKS

Skymark – Easy Saturday Night (Mike Huckaby Remix)

I’d fallen asleep and Soundcloud was playing random stuff after a playlist had finished and this track literally entered my dream and then slowly woke me up. Kind of apt given the lyrics I guess. Deep, hypnotic, and an incredible sonic palette. Beautiful remix. RIP Mike.

Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold

This is by far my favourite 90s two-step garage tune. There’s so much space in this track, it’s so understated and classy. The Aaliyah vocal sample, the sax sample, and the little synth stabs are all perfectly judged. Sliding in that jungle-style reese bass halfway through is a real audacious showstopper too. Noodles created a completely timeless classic that sits between several genres and never sounds old. Genius.

Womack & Womack - MPB (Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Mix)

I love Frankie Knuckles’ remix of this. It’s a good three minutes before he brings in the kick. The whole mix is really dubby and spontaneous sounding like he mixed it live. Love all the trashy 80s reverb. Great end-of-the-night tune.

Louie Vega - Deep Burnt Feat. Axel Tosca

Louie’s cover of Pepe Braddock’s classic Deep Burnt is so cool. The original track really is one of a kind and I couldn’t have imagined anyone even attempting to cover it, what with that that string sample. But Louie had the cojones to take it in a completely different direction, built around an epic piano performance by Axel Tosca. The highlight of the album for me.

Soul Dhamma - Flower (King Britt's Underwater Garden Dub) Sometimes remixes give you the freedom to try really experimental and weird things, and King Britt definitely delivers. He really went to town on what started off as a fairly conventional soulful house track. His remix is nuts, abstract, dream-like, and spacey, it’s got the feel of some of LTJ Bukem’s early drum and bass stuff. I first heard this on Heller and Farley’s classic Late Night Sessions mixes they did for Ministry of Sound back in the late 90s. Worth checking those out too… MURDOCCO - HOT PICKS

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Original Mix)

'I Feel Love' is my favorite song ever, it doesn’t age, and the music explicitly expresses that elevated feeling of being in love, the song is long but you don’t get bored, her voice is gorgeous, and the synths sound is magic, it’s just a perfect song.

Nicolas Jaar - Mi Mujer (Original Mix)

The lyrics of this song have such humor, I love the beats, the Latin rhythms, and the jazz influence on this track. A great example of Latin rhythms and mixing up genres in electronic music.

Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) I like this song because it is so dramatic, it sounds like an electronic orchestra, the way it builds up and grows up until the end. The singer's voice is also very good. I love the track and a very sexy music video that is perfect for the track.

Xvngo - Idealism

Xvngo and his drill jazz, post trap style are really amazing, I love the way he fuses styles, gets in your mind, and takes you to places with his music, this track is really special to me as another reference for mixing genres.

Arca - Ritual

Arca is a real inspiration, I think is one of the most transgressor artists at the moment, also I’ve seen her play live and it is really an experience, she is doing new things, marking a path for the music of the future, a very inspirational artist to watch. 'El Momento' by Physical Education featuring Murdocco is out now on Mixmasters. You can buy/stream it here:


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