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Hot Picks: Noana Dazzles With His Eclectic Electronic Selection


Noana had his first release aged 17 and has reached ever higher heights since then. The drummer grew up with a jazz musician father and is a genuine studio wizard who works as a sound designer, sound editor and composer for TV and film. He always brings a cinematic quality to his work, and as one-third of Leu Leu Land, an act signed to Sony Music Sweden and supported by Steve Angello through to Above & Beyond, he has remixed the legendary Giorgio Moroder and Britney Spears.

Following his impressive “Afterlife” EP on Finnish label Youth Control, we asked Noana to serve us his very own Hot Picks:

Pearson Sound - Red Sky

Starting off this playlist with a fierce banger from Pearson Sound. Being a sucker for hostile Reese basslines and tight breaks, it was easy for me to fall for this one. Loving the hypnotic evolution from being intimate and hostile to becoming more friendly and open, with melancholic synth melodies and atmospheric elements coming in later on

Leon Vynehall - Mothra

This one is a precisely crafted piece of art from Leon Vynehall. Great textures and a hypnotic and irregular feeling dynamic melody with an atmosphere building up while you are busy focusing on the lead melody. There is something in this song that reminds me of Lorn’s big basses with dystopian pads that made the song make me feel at home very early on.

Kidnap - Untroubled

A minimalistic masterpiece from Kidnap. Perfect for calming you down. Absolute innocence. Tight rhythms, organic feelings, pads building up, taking you with them.

Lovebirds - In My Soul ft. Stee Downes

This has to be one of the tracks that I just never get tired of. A timeless classic that grounds you on every listen. This original length version especially has enough time to build up the vibe.

London Grammar - If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)

This one still feels fresh, even if it’s almost ten years from the release. Loving how well London Grammar captured the feeling that something great is waiting to happen in the original. Riva Starr managed to enhance this feeling very well with his organic and warm drums that evoke a hint of calm and controlled excitement that keeps you going.

Todd Terje - Ragysh

One of my all-time favourites from the Norwegian synth legend Todd Terje. Loving the details in the drums, and what makes this song pop for me is the killer arrangement. This one takes its time to get you on with the groove to later lift you up in the air surrounded by magical arpeggios to later bring you back to the groove.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Blood In The Snow (Tibi Dabo Remix)

The original is a brilliantly ethereal track. This remix has some exceptionally tight drum work from Tibi Dabo. If the feeling of being a young tree standing in the middle of a giant storm barely strong enough to stay up could be described with music, I bet this song comes really close to describing that, haha

Joseph Ray - Cos Of You

Transcending piece of art from Joseph Ray. This hits the right spot with the vulnerable vocal traversing around. Someone in the comment field of youtube gave this song a great description: a perfect mix of beauty and banger

DJ HEARTSTRING - Met Her at Bäreneck

Loving this pulsating banger of 90’s era trance aesthetic from German hyper house duo DJ HEARTSTRING. Being a millennial growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it’s a bliss to experience new infectiously nostalgic killers like this one

Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding - Miracle

Growing up listening to both Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, I’m not gonna lie that I’m not hyped and so deeply satisfied by this 90’s journey Calvin Harris is on right now. The phased outbreaks in the outro is just like the cherry on the top of the cake for me! Definitely one of the biggest tracks for me this summer.

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