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Hot Picks: New Zealand duo Kédu Carlö share an eclectic playlist

New Zealand-based duo Jess Penson and Carly Gill known as Kédu Carlö released their forthcoming debut album Space Girl Finds Cash, on the 4th of May on EMK. The duo's approach is highly collaborative when writing, they each craft their expertise into every track, generating the symbiosis of their qualities making Kédu Carlö.

It is evident from listening to the LP, the Kédu Carlö sound has been crafted from their musical backgrounds - Jess as a singer and keyboardist and Carly as a drummer. The result is captivating dance-infused electronic music from start to finish on this mesmerising album, with strong influences from Chicago house, acid, techno, electro, and breaks. We were honoured to have the duo share the music that has influenced their journey so far.

N.O.R.E - Superthug

I got a bit obsessed with the Neptunes and anything touched by Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo in 2021. I was super into N.E.R.D - In Search Of… album, 2001. Then I listened to their discography and discovered their magical period was from 1999 to 2003, aside from one track they made with N.O.R.E in 1998, Superthug. Wow. Obsessed from the first listen. Played it profusely. I couldn’t stop playing the drum pattern and became hooked on the way it spoke with the lead synth line, and the vocal chops with it. It was a direct influence, and the Neptunes production in general for writing lead lines and the more crunchy rock drum style that sometimes features in the album (e.g. primadonna, U Need Me).

Osunslade - Pyrography

I have been hooked on this album since 2020. I still come back to it so much as a reference and just to enjoy the beautiful vibes. We are longstanding fans of Osunlade and Yoruba Records. You can definitely hear the influence coming through with the layered rolling drum patterns, and smooth vocal hooks (Resurrection, Wai). We like to keep our mixes really warm like this album.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

When I think about it this was probably one of the first electronic songs that I really connected with. The progression, the synths, and the vocal production were unlike anything I had heard, and still, today is something I return to regularly for inspiration.

Kimbra - replay! This track encapsulates so much of what we love! Punchy, experimental, and subversively sexy. You can also hear references to SOPHIE in the production, mixed with Kimbra’s expressive vocals, it’s just so good. We like to have fun with our tracks and this track is full of eclectic ear candy.

Alex Celler - Jenga

This is a track we will probably never stop playing out in our sets. It’s just everything you want from an Acid House track and always kills on the dancefloor. As much as we love to add lots of layers to our music there is something undeniable that happens when you allow musical elements to breathe and this track is the perfect example of that.

Kédu Carlö Space Girl Finds Cash is out now on EMK here.


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