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Hot Picks: Nürnberg's Markus Homm Shares a Subterranean Selection

Markus Homm is a veteran of the house and tech scene, and a regular at some of the scenes’ foundational venues such as Berghain. His collaborators might have less experience, but bring a whole new flavour to the cooking pot.

Markus' latest release, 'The Big Con', comes as a three-way collaboration with Brad Brunner and AG Swifty on Steve Bug's delightfully underground Sublease Music imprint.

"Connected not only through being part of the same booking agency in Romania (Cyclic), but also through the love for grooving underground Music, we ended up in the Studio In Bucarest for a few days working on some music. This is the outcome of the session, grooving percussions with the rolling baseline and warm chords and stabs." says Homm.

To mark the release of his latest work, we asked the Nürnberg native to join us for the latest edition of our Hot Picks series:

Arapu, Charlie - Background Influence

Beautiful Hypnotic Track, goes on and on, great vibe!

Aron - Æbleskiver

Another great hypnotic track with great dub elements.

Route 94 - Clapped

Great groove with a nice simple vocal.

Bizen Lopez - Shake it

Recently discovered this label really solid work. Love this track by Bizen. Big low-end and groove.

Copasetic - Err’Bodi

Really love this rolling kind of vibe.

Fabe - Frozen Cake

Nice to see Cecile back. Great track from Fabe with lots of little details in the background.

Frankey & Sandrino - Hollow

Very nice track by Frankey & Sandrino. Always works.

Jesse Jacob - 90's On a Thursday

A bit of 90 pretty much every day for me, beautiful vibe by Jesse.

Tete De La Course - I Got It

Beautiful Old school house piano, nice vibe.


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