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Hot Picks: Mistier Shares a Masterfully Melodic Selection


Mistier returns with another electronic music production aimed to elevate the spirit and move the dancefloor in equal measure. ‘Move With Me’ follows Mistier’s debut solo release ‘We Can Dream’ and continues this unique project designed to deliver a Melodic House sound that connects people at a deeper level. Download/stream ‘Move With Me’:

Mistier came to life through spiritual and musical connections made at Burning Man and the playa’s influence weaves its way through the music. Listen to any Mistier production and it’s easy to imagine a hazy sun arching downwards beyond the desert horizon, guided by transcendent beats, melodies and meaningful lyrics.

‘Move With Me’ is vocal-led, Melodic House, built with beautifully layered production to create a driving, uplifting groove. The bass synth riff imbues the track with a sense of Eastern mysticism, triggering an atavistic desire to move to the beat, while the heartfelt lyrics remind us of the spiritual connection open to us all through music and the dancefloor. The breakdown showcases the emotive vocal delivery of Andre Mistier as it builds into a drop that is set to bring people together, whether on a dancefloor or swaying to the beats under the stars.

In celebration of his latest release, we invited Mistier to host our latest Hot Picks feature:

Mistier - Move with Me

I’m excited to get this track out into the world! The idea that we connect to ourselves, other people, and the Universe at large when we move and dance is a powerful idea to me. It plays out on so many levels, from clubs to quantum mechanics. And I love the baseline.

Tinlicker & Panama - Fade Into Black (Club Mix)

This track is just so beautiful! It’s emotive and intimate, but still huge and uplifting at the same time. There was a while when I started every day by listening to it to get my day going right.

Francis Mercier, Nitefreak, Idd Aziz - Kamili

Similar to Fade into Black, but in a different genre (Afro House vs. Melodic House). But similarly achingly beautiful and yet uplifting and making me move at the same time. I play these tracks back to back frequently. Also, I’m a big fan of Francis Mercier generally.

Babert x Mell Hall - Can't Stop Now

Feel Good! Feel Good Now! Every time I play this track it makes everyone feel good and dance.

Jan Blomqvist - Back In The Taxi (AMÉMÉ Midnight Remix)

My heart is deeply moved by both melodic house and afro house. This track is everything I’d want to hear in a track that combines both of these elements- it’s powerful and rhythmic, melodic, and mysterious and somewhat spiritual in a way I can’t quite explain.

Mistier - We Can Dream (Enoo Napa Remix)

Another great mix of melodic and afro house elements. The lyrics and vocals to this one are really important to me- the idea that we need to find ways to build shared dreams instead of everyone pursuing their own separate ones is to me a necessary part of how we move forwards from here. And Enoo’s remix has a mystical quality that is elevating and transportive.

Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis 2.0 (MEDUZA Remix)

This track makes me feel ready to take on the world! I like to dance to it, play it, workout to it, and put it on for long walks.

Cristoph - Slowly Burning (2019) ft. Jem Cooke

I love Cristoph’s work and I love Jem Cooke’s vocals. To me, this is one of the best tracks that either of them have done, melodic and anthemic.

Nico de Andrea & Vanetty - Ethnica

This groove sets everything right- a dance floor, a mood, anything. It’s pretty much always right.

Me & My Toothbrush - Funking Around

This is straight up for strutting. Put on some shades and some badass boots and get to work!


Mistier's 'Move With Me' is available to download/stream:



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