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Hot Picks: Minus & Zianos go deep with their playlist selection

Greek duo Minus & Zianos might not be that well known outside of their native country - yet - but with a handful of national residencies at some of the country's finest clubs and a growing list of impressive releases, that's all set to change.

The latest on this list is the three-track Devotion EP on Steve Bug's Sublease Music - surely one of the most emphatic seals of approval producers of deep, groove-led house can receive

To celebrate the release we asked the guys to be the next guests in our Hot Picks series.

1.Gorge, Markus Homm – Glint

Poker Flat release and Gorge with Markus Homm in the cockpit we think it couldn’t get better. Always a nice track to warm up a dancefloor.

2. Steve Bug - Back To '95 (feat. Mr. V) (Cinthie‘s 'Just A Vibe' Remix)

A 90’s house feeling that goes through your body, describing perfectly of the early days of true underground house music.

3. Mattik – Black Hand

90’s vibe, raw house material which could definitely can do the trick!

4. Premiesku – More 4

Analog sounds with one of our all time favorite that builds up from start to the end.

5. Steve Kelly – Paradise

Dubby house track from Steve on Sublease Music, loved every part of it.

6. Moodtrax – Rhythm Code

Deep and mature house slammer from our guy Moodtrax.

7.Livio & Roby - Simbio

Tribal rhythms and organic instrumentations from the duo could definitely keep you welcome you to a moving night.

8. 1.Anfisa Letyago - Listen (Closet Yi Remix)

Describing our techno side perfectly, well remixed track from Closet Yi bringing a sophisticated attitude to the dancefloor.

9. Kink – Five

Full of energy and creating a banging atmosphere track from KiNK who always delivers.

10.Apollonia – Trinidad

Oldie Goldie one, a pretty percussive track from Apollonia trio creating nice groovy atmosphere.


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