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Hot Picks: Marsolo Treats Us to an Intimate Assortment of Deep Grooves

Marsolo facing the camera

When it comes to hotbeds of musical talent, especially within the house realm, there are very few places to look to across the globe before turning your attention to The Netherlands, and it looks like the next emerging name has already started making his mark. Enter Marijn van Vliet, aka Marsolo, a hotly-tipped DJ/producer who looks set for big things in the coming months. Based in Utrecht, the talented up-and-comer has quickly caught the attention of flourishing compatriots, including Chris Stussy and Prunk, plus Sidney Charles and House Of Love boss, Folamour. Joining the label following his recent appearance for House Of Love at Amsterdam’s iconic Paradiso, his three-track ‘Dear Future’ EP showcases his diverse sound palette as he becomes the second artist to release on the new imprint.

Check out 'Mindflow' from the release below. You can already grab a copy of the track HERE.

“‘Dear Future’ is a musical message to the future me. I made this EP at the edge of an impactful but exciting transition in life. I graduated from music education, started studying at a university and moved from a quiet and calm neighbourhood surrounded by woods to the busy city centre of Utrecht. This EP is a message from myself before the transition to myself after the transition: a sign of faith that I will find my path into the future.” - Marsolo.

Speaking on the EP, Folamour notes, “When I first heard about Marsolo's music, I fell in love with his 80's synths vibes and the pop aspect of it. But playing the tracks always brings such a beautiful and crazy energy, I can't stop including them in my sets”.

With his latest release on the cusp of freedom, we're delighted to share a gorgeous selection of handpicked groovers as Marsolo becomes the next artist to feature in our Hot Picks series:

Hard Corey, Wray - Love Train (6: 23 Again Instrumental Mix)

A classic house track characterised by a catchy organ. I could loop this one for hours and hours, and still not get bored.

Matter - Underground (Sub Level One Mix) One of my favourite tracks for opening sets. It has the perfect bassline to get the crowd going.

Julian Anthony - Retrograde Julian Anthony really proves that the best tracks are often super simple. It’s the perfect combination of the elements used that make this track work.

M-High - 12 O.C. Riddim (Paolo Rocco Remix) A track worth listening from the beginning to the end. The progression of this tune is truly astonishing.

Will & Batty - All I Want Beeyou always delivers quality tracks, but this is one of my favourites. Can you name one element that could be better in this track? I can’t.

Fantastic Man - Beyond Control Just when I thought perfection didn’t exist, I came across this beauty. It definitely made me change my mind. 10 out of 10 for sure!

INFIX - Baseless (Reverse Dub Mix) It amazes me how some people could make tracks like this in an age with such limited equipment.

MYKI - Gamma Closure An energetic banger that keeps the energy going. Don’t play this one before 4AM.

DMX Crew - Return To Jupiter This mood booster absolutely deserves a spot in my top 10 tracks of this moment. A track with constant variation that ensures it never gets boring.

Amount - Panik unter Palmen (Lauer Remix) If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, you should probably see a doctor. Lauer never disappoints.

Marsolo's 'Dear Future' EP is available from 19th May 2023 on Folamour's House of Love imprint. Grab your copy of the release HERE.


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