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Hot Picks: Malóne Shares Some of His Top Tracks of the Moment

Malóne Press Shot

Calussa & Malóne are Cuban artists based in Miami who together founded the Hurry Up Slowly label and have a seductive low slung house sound. They have teamed up to great effect before on attention-grabbing Afro house tunes for the likes of ABRACADABRA Records and now bring their knack for summer gems to Get Physical Music.

The original of this track was a much-hyped hit that was heard everywhere at the time of release. Calussa & Malóne bring their own unique stylings to it and flip it with a contemporary twist that retains the vibe of the original. Specifically, the melody phrase remains and brings light and soul as it ripples up and down the scale over fresh drums. There's an irresistibly sun-kissed feel to this version with big fills, vamping chords and well-treated vocals all bringing plenty of colour and character.

To celebrate his latest release, we asked Malone to join us with his very own Hot Picks selection:

Italobros - Shopper

Have been a huge fan of Italobros for a very long time. They always put out nothing but class. There's always something special about sampling OG records but doing it in a tasteful way for the dancefloor. This most recent track is one of my favorites to play out at the moment.

bewav, Guess - Hoje

Love this track! One of the best reactions in my sets recently. Really dope original/captivating vocals with an undeniable groove.

Prunk & Ruze - Incredible

The name couldnt be any better. Simply just an incredible track, from start to finish. Top quality stuff.

Riley (UK).- Club Soul

Probably some of the best low end I've ever heard on a track before. It's literally wild how good this thing sounds when it drops.

Maz (BR) , Antdot , Sued Nunes - Povoada (Remix)

Maz is one of my favorite artists in the entire industry. Every single track is a hit, and sooo proper. Absolute vibe on this one.

Calussa & Malóne's 'Sinfonia' is available to buy/stream via Get Physical Music.


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