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Hot Picks: J Potter shares a powerful quintet of dance classics

In his decade-spanning music career, J Potter has explored all mediums and genres of music from Rock and Prog metal to pop and hip hop, a proficient drummer and session musician, J has toured all over the world with countless artists and bands, but after the pandemic hit all that changed.

After re-discovering house and Electronic music at the end of 2019, J fell in love with the production side of making dance music again and was determined to explore and find his own sound…drawing from his love of old-school piano house and modern tech house and with some releases already under his belt with AUS label “One Love”, J Potter has brought us some solid tracks over the last 2 years with 2023 shaping up to be a definitive year for the Aus producer.

We asked J Potter to share with us some of the music that has shaped his music career to date, to celebrate his release on Mixmasters.

Chemical Brothers - Under the influence

The first time I heard this track I was blown away by the bass and drums. it was the first taste of electronic music I really ever had and it was in a dark and dirty nightclub in Melbourne, the next day I bought this album and started my love affair with bass and low end.

DJ Jean - The Launch A classic track, this was the first real commercial EDM song I got into. The synth line was so dirty and the ad-libs were genius. I remember this getting played everywhere and on every dancefloor.

Underworld - Born Slippy

I wasn't a big techno boy…but after hearing born Slippy I fell in love with the genre this track was my first experience of wondering how the production was done. How did they get that thundering kick sound and massive room sound on drums? What software did they use and what samples? The first time I heard this was at a festival and it was a religious experience, I remember feeling it in my chest and seeing the crowd transcend to another plain.

Chris Lake & Solardo - Free Your Body

Chris Lake and Solardo’s - Free Your Body was a track that made me fall in love with current EDM production. The mix blew my mind, I searched all over the net on how the boys got that bass so wide and the drops were amazing. The tightness of the low end, the wide bass, the perfectly executed rise and falls. This track and especially Chris Lake’s productions have been a massive influence and inspiration for me over the last five years and always trusty reference when mixing.

Darude - Sandstorm Don't laugh there is a reason this track has 300 million+ streams on Spotify. As a metal/rock kid I had no interest in EDM at all. Then I heard Darude Sandstorm at a High School Dance and my life changed forever!

J Potter 'Make It WIth You' is out now on Mixmasters, download or stream here.


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