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Hot Picks: Grigoré Offers Up a Selection of Deepened Flavours

Ask any producer the influence behind their track and, nine times out of ten, the answer will be, ‘the dancefloor’. So, although already hell bent on signing it based on the calibre of the music alone, imagine the surprise at Renaissance HQ when Grigoré said his latest EP, Deepest Thoughts, “Is a tribute to my childhood.”

“It was really important that the 4 tracks remained together,” he continues, “it’s about the moments and feelings of growing-up, deepest thoughts in the dark of freezing nights, which I now look back on with nostalgia. I can’t express how delighted I was when Renaissance said they wanted to keep them all together as an entire EP.”

Off the back of his one of his latest releases, we asked Grigoré to provide a choice of his favourite records, he answered the call with an extremely impressive collection of deepened flavours:

Grigoré - Deepest Thoughts

As you may know, ‘Deepest Thoughts’ is the title track of my debut EP on Renaissance. This track is special for me. I love how all the elements work together: organic drums, groovy bass guitar & the main lead, which is full of crazy modulation stuff.

Sasha vs Adam Parker - Highlife (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)

After almost 14 years, this is still sounding fresh. Groove, overall mood and the vocals are perfect to me. My favourite night vibe here. I’d play this one forever.

Marco Lys - Keep Looking Around (Joris Voorn Remix)

Something from outer space... Unstoppable groove and melodic elements that will take you to another place.

Rhy - Black Rain (Âme Remix)

From extraordinary bass to unexpected chords, then extraordinary bass to unexpected chords accompanied by beautiful vocals by Rhy.

Grigoré - Freezing

I can describe ‘Freezing’ as a dancefloor track that tells its own story. It was the first track where I experimented with this kind of beat – it’s still a straight beat, but it just skips every 2nd kick. It gave me a fresh feeling in my production.

SØNIN – Circles

‘Circles’ for me is about hope. The hope for a bright future. The uplifting trance chords with the breakbeat support give me so much positivity. This one is perfect to listen to in the morning, but not just then... ‘Circles’ works very very well on the dancefloor too!

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Phobos (Echonomist Remix)

A big atmosphere on this one. I feel so uplifted after listening to Echonomist’s remix of ‘Phobos’. This remix gives me a lot of energy.

Illusory - The Endless Fall (Sam Shure Remix)

Would you like to drift through the Universe?... If so, you need to listen to this remix. Such a beautiful vibe on this one with a punchy beat & trippy synth melodies.

Adriatique - Arcade Mode

The main melody & bass are so groovy. I can’t sit in one place when I’m listening to ‘Arcade Mode’. & Odagled - Festival (Sasha Carassi Remix)

I’m in love with this pumping beat and trippy chords. Sasha Carassi is a master!

Grigoré's 'Deepest Thoughts' EP is out now on Renaissance Records.


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