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Hot Picks: Eurostep Drop a Killer Assortment of Club Vibes

Los Angeles-based production pairing Eurostep have made a firm arrival on the global Tech House stage in a brief time. Already signed to Repopulate Mars, NONSTOP, La Pera, CUFF and now Supernova’s Lapsus Music imprint, the duo is fast becoming an act to keep a firm eye on. Their latest release ‘Drippin’ features two cutting-edge tech cuts, accompanied by a remix from the esteemed label bosses.

To celebrate the release of their latest EP, we asked Eurostep to become the next artists to feature in our Hot Picks Series:

Paolo Martini, Federico Ambrosi - Behaviour

Been feeling this one during our sets, great little message to go along with a solid beat.

Proudly People - Bless Up

Pace and groove super great percs from Proudly People who’s work we’ve admired for a while.

Fancy Fux Feat Constantine & Crystal - Dripping Wet

Avant-garde but amazing tune on CUFF, little jersey club been doing work lately.

Tommy Farrow - Let's Just (Jansons Remix)

Euphoric breakdown sending the dancefloor into feels!

DJ Deeon - Licky Licky (Amine Edge & DANCE's Codeine Juke Edit)

One of the OG’s, great tune great & mood-setter.

Obando & Matheo Velez - Big Prize

Been a staple in our sets for the last year or so, sweet groove and great vocal cuts.

Aaron Martin - Colocolocada

One of our favourite labels at the moment new bomb!

Melanie Ribbe - Big (Iglesias Extended Mix)

Solid track overall.

Yungness & Jaminn - Got This

One of our favourites the last few years, great message and crazy beat!

Paul Johnson - You Drive Me Crazy Feat. Zoe Thorn (Supernova Extended Remix)

Belongs in a museum. Supernova remix of the late and great Paul Johnson.

Europstep's 'Drippin' EP (incl Supernova Remix) is out now on Lapsus Music.


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