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Hot Picks: Eli James & Sirrah Provide the Goods With an Eclectic Selection

Eli James and Sirrah came together through their passion for House Music, DJing and beatmaking. Their energetic sets, tight productions and eccentric personality has earned them bookings at several festivals and venues including Outlook Croatia, Bassfest, 02 Academy and XOYO.

Similarly, they have shared stages with artists such as Bicep, Skream, Low Steppa, Solardo and have already landed releases on labels such as Goodside, Houz, Deepfake and Wyldcard between them.

Having experimented with several underground genres, their dance-floor ready track 'Hold On' released on VINYLMATT Music focuses specifically on powerful and uplifting piano chords coupled with a Groovy bassline and mesmerising vocals reminiscent of the early 90s.

With their latest creation now out in the open for us all to enjoy, we asked Eli James & Sirrah to turn in their offering for our beloved 'Hot Picks' series:

Eli James & Sirrah - Hold On We would be lying if we said that our first track working together isn't at the top of our rotation! Even though through its creation we've listened to it a million times I'm still loving the piano chords which really give it that summer feel-good vibe we were going for.

Xxxy - ILTD I think that at the moment any and every disco/soul track is being sampled it's easy to overlook how great some of these tracks are. Sampled from I love to dance - Kleer this is such a well-put-together track, the sample has been used perfectly, and when that kick comes in you certainly know about it. Magic.

X-Coast - Mango Bay Pure white isle vibes. Listening to this makes you feel like you've gone into a time machine back to the 90's. I'm a big fan of him and everything he's put out. Sometimes you just need an artist who can take you back to where it all began. I could have easily filled this list with so many of his releases.

Loods - Realness Loods is such a special producer. A genius sample from Barry White - I've got so much to give. With Hold on being my (Eli James') first release, I spent hours and hours listening to other producer's choice and use of samples, and this is a prime example of how even 1 bar of a track can be made into something completely unrecognisable whilst still holding that reminiscent vibe of a past time.

Bwana - Due West I first heard this when I was back at university studying and it's been on my USB's ever since. I love the use of reverb on the alternate piano stabs. This is one of those tracks which I wish were 10 hours long.

Will Easton - 023 Feel like this track has everything. The tempo change for the main build is something else. A tune you NEED to play the whole way through.

Maya Jane Coles - What they Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix) When I first came across this before I even listened to it I thought that the original couldn't possibly benefit from a remix but I was SO wrong. Keeping tonnes of original elements but giving it that smoother vibe is such a difficult skill but Dyed Soundorom smashed it.

Prozak - Higher This has everything I love; Iconic piano chords, ambient pads, and a perfect break-beat. Even though the vocal has been used through every house and sub electronic genre it feels like it was meant for this track.

Kettama - Higher (Steel City Power House) That second drop....

Dense & Pika - Colt I'm still struggling to get to terms with how a track so raw can also feel so perfect. Again it's all about the piano which still gives me goosebumps like it's the first time I listened to it.

Eli James & Sirrah's 'Hold On' is out now on VINYLMATT Music!


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