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Hot Picks: Doc Brown shares some of his current favourite tracks

Doc Brown in back on Farris Wheel again with a brand new heater ready to take over dancefloors everywhere. As the pounding bass reverberates through your body, 'Heard The Bass Drop' will take you on a relentless sonic adventure.

Doc Brown pushes the boundaries of low-frequency exploration, delivering an intense journey into the depths of sub-bass. His masterful production skills shine through as he expertly crafts a sonic landscape that is both haunting and invigorating.

From the first pulsating beat to the last resonating note, this track grabs hold of your senses and refuses to let go. Let the earth-shattering bassline shake the very foundation of your system!

Ahead of the release, here Doc Brown talks us through his Hot Picks.

DiMO (BG) & Mr.K (BG) - Azidos

Not only is this one a real groover, but the vocal sample is a good one from a Miami-native-turned-neuroscientist & now Columbia University professor. Carl Hart's TED Talk about his studies on drug use & his personal experience is an interesting watch if you haven't seen it!

FOOLiE – Limbo

I'm traditionally not a fan of these types of droney vocals, but here they're used to a nice effect, intertwining with some tripped-out synths over one of those grooves you could leave on loop for hours. These types of tracks fit perfectly in all kinds of sets.

Wilkie - Loco

Really dig a lot of Wilkie's tunes & also am a big fan of what Vanilla Ace is doing with his WyldCard label. He’s helping put on up-and-coming artists & breaking tracks without relying on big names. It's honestly an inspiration to what I'm trying to do with Unlearn:Records.

Daði Freyr - Think About Things (FYNUTZU EDIT)

I'm always a fan of a fun edit that isn't super obvious & this one is really well done--turning a catchy Icelandic pop jam into a certified speakerthumper. It's the kind of tune you'll catch people trying to sing along to when they've never even heard it before!

Arnold & Lane - Hello Sweetheart

I dunno, man, something about these guys lazy slackerish vocals just hit all the right pockets. I've always loved that aspect about artists like Soul Coughing or LCD Soundsystem & I love it here too. I have a few of their tracks in the bag & they're all earworms.

DEM2 - Stunna Shades

Met DEM2 in Miami last year right as their track ‘The Outsiders’ came out. Let them know I was a big fan of it, the vocals especially & they let me know they do all their own. This track has a similar rolling vibe with catchy, groovy vocals. Digging these guys’ tunes!

Poison Ghost - Earth Bounce

Poison Ghost was one of the first artists to have a release on Unlearn:Records; 'House Gets Warm' did really well, getting spins from R3WIRE, Versus & Golf Clap at Hard Summer Fest. This one on his new label has a similar aesthetic with nicely-spaced vocal chops & a heavy chugging bass.

EMEXL - Prepare For Drama

I met EMEXL while doing a demo listening session for Data Transmission; he had a track which was dope--but probably could never be cleared--so he ended up sending me some more music & this was one of them. It really ticks all the boxes & has become one of those tracks I just can't stop playing.

Green Velvet & Mihalis Safras - DEEPFAKE

How did this song not become one of those that was immediately played out? I'm still scratching my head on that one. Banging tune with insanely perfect Green Velvet vocals--and, unless I missed something, it still seems fresh to the dancefloor every time I play it.

Rory Marshall ft. Yanzo - Body Sweat

Don't let the 134BPM fool you, this track sounds as good at 125 as it does at 140. Been a fan of Rory Marshall's tunes for a few years now & this one comes off a nicely stacked Trick compilation courtesy of Patrick Topping. Really nice processing on the vocals & melodic cowbells always seem to hit!

Heard The Bass Drop is out on Farris Wheel 16 June - listen & buy


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