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Hot Picks: Bae Blade gives us an insight into her eclectic music palate

Bae Blade is a star in the making, with her unique blend of electro, breaks, techno, and house underpinned by uplifting energy running throughout her performances and releases. It's easy to see why she has already established a staunch following in the underground.

Bae Blade marks her newly expanding global reach with the insanely uptempo debut EP, four-tracker ‘Mixed Feelings’ on Partiboi69's Mutual Pleasure. Prepare for a full-on onslaught of hard-edged, hyperfast techno/breakbeat/trance spiked with catchy hooks from other genres/times, dark and dancefloor-ready.

To celebrate the release Bae shared some of the colourful selections that have influenced her musical journey to date:

Amadeezy - This Deezay

Amadeezy is definitely one of my top favourite producers. The flow and the blend with the melody just hit the feels perfectly. It inspired my ‘Mixed Feelings’ EP for sure.

Lenzman - Cherry Blossom

In almost every one of my tracks, you'll find a breakbeat, and drum and bass, especially liquid DNB/funk, was what initially introduced me to the world of electronic music. Lenzman, in my opinion, is also a genius when it comes to conveying emotions through music.

BINKBEATS - Little Nerves feat. Niels Broos

A super cool jam session with loads of different instruments, all sorts of effects, and loops going on. Layering is key, and I'm trying to work that more into my process. It's really interesting to see how the track keeps evolving and changing.

Underworld - Luetin

I don't think I need to say much about Underworld. The entire album 'A Hundred Days Off' is just mind-blowing to me.

Mac Miller - The Spins

The song combines two artists who accompanied me a lot during my youth: Mac Miller and Empire of the Sun. Both are music genres that blend together so seamlessly. I absolutely love the fusion of multiple genres in one piece of work. Bae Blade 'Busy Overthinking' is out now on Mutual Pleasure here.


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