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Hot Picks: ADR picks five tracks that make him feel right at Øhm

ADR is becoming renowned for his captivating acid-infused productions and performances.

From early on, the originality of his productions instantly stood out, receiving attention from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac at just 18 years old, resulting in airplay and gaining national recognition. Since then he has continued in the studio honing his craft and returns with a slew of high-impact releases on some of the most respected imprints in underground house music. His latest release on East End Dubs Belief imprint is ADR at his best flexing his full range and style, each cut tickles a different corner of the dancefloor.

Kraftwerk -Tour De France

This record was one of my earliest exposures to electronic music and Kraftwerk were some of my main inspirations behind getting into electronic music. To me they’re pioneers of sound and why I love synthy goodness in my tracks.

Ovidi Adlert - Night Invaders I heard this for the first time at Creamfields, played by Richy Ahmed. It blew my head off and in general, the earlier Paradise stages were always home at any festival or event.

Chemical Brothers - Leave Home Chemical Brothers were also a huge part of how I got into electronic music so I had to include this record. Huge memories of listening to this when I was small and the electronic sections were always my favourites.

808 State - In Yer Face Again, the theme is records that have pushed me to where I am now. 808 State was another early exposure to dance music that brought me here.

Gene On Earth - Pinseeker I had to give an honourable mention to Monsieur Gene as discovering him as an artist unlocked a lot of pathways for me musically. His production and arrangement skills are something else and have been an influence on how I’ve evolved as a producer. Also in general his label is up there with the best.


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