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German Brigante is back on Sol Selects with his new organic house EP ‘Será el Flamenco’

German Brigante
German Brigante

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas presents an organic house EP with Beleric influence by German Brigante.

German Brigante is back on Sol Selectas with his third EP for the label, and it’s a four-track release that blends flamenco influences with majestic synths and flowing percussion.

Based in Spain, German Brigante has been releasing electronic music for over a decade, and his sound has evolved throughout the course of his career. His classic releases have been on labels such as Get Physical, but in recent times he has featured melodic tracks on imprints such as Monaberry and Bar 25. German Brigante also heads up his own respected record label called Manitox.

Following years of DJ experience where German Brigante has travelled the world to play gigs everywhere from Australia to America, he is able to translate his innate knowledge of what works on a dancefloor into the invigorating sound of his music productions.

“Acido Azul” opens the release with an old-school acid house bassline, which is overlayered with bubbling synths and uplifting Spanish vocals that create an enchanting vibe. The upbeat percussion rhythms and subtle bursts of flamenco guitar add to its feel-good vibe.

“Açai” has a thickset bassline that lays a foundation for a finger-picked flamenco guitar and a fluttering flute that adds to the track’s sun-drenched sound.

“Será el Flamenco” has a deep bassline and emotive Spanish vocals that give the track an epic sound that’s augmented by its powerful melodies and samba-style percussion.

“Inquietud” closes out the release with its downtempo groove and acid bassline. Sweeping strings and sensual vocals combine with a mesmerising flute and alluring guitar that adds to the track’s seductive sound.

The artwork by Helia Jamali shows the passion of a Flamenco dancer lost in the rhythms of the Andalusian skies.

Buy the release HERE.


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