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Future Self releases "Field Generation" on Self Control

Self Control Records announces the latest project from Future Self, the Field Generation EP, set to release on Friday, March 1, 2024. This release navigates the nuanced terrains between early Trance and House, offering a deep dive into a sonic realm reminiscent of the early 90s' formulative days. Comprising two distinct tracks: the original mix of Field Generation and its counterpart, the Super-Frog Saves Tokyo Remix.

The original stands as a thickly layered and intricate soundscape.

A composition that boasts an array of textures, constantly evolving to create an almost hypnotic progression throughout the track. It is not only technically impressive but emotionally resonant. Its journey through harmonies encapsulates the essence of Future Self's sound.

The Super-Frog Saves Tokyo Remix introduces a contrasting yet complementary vibe. Airy, crisp, and rinsed down with uplifting acid wash, this version leads the original's complex foundations into something a little different. Characterized by its forward energy and a soundscape that has been carefully simplified. Together, these two tracks bridge the gap between nostalgia and pushing something new, an expedition into electronic music's rich history and its boundless future that will see support from a wide variety of DJs.


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