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Dilby reimagines ‘Lo Que Siento’ on Déepalma Records

Originally from New Zealand, Dilby is taking the world by storm with his unique take on underground music. Crafted from a classic house and techno palette but presented with a fresh modern twist aimed squarely at the dance floor, Dilby’s latest work sees him put his own spin on leading Déepalma names Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca’s ‘Lo Que Siento’.

Instantaneously deep and groovy, Dilby's take on ‘Lo Que Siento’ offers a generous volume of weighty dancefloor-focused rhythms and rich percussion from the off. Building around resonant synths, bouncing bass notes and sweeping pads, its endless tide of pumping momentum and gliding musicality create a hypnotic push and pull to keep you swaying along from start to finish with relative ease.

2023 marks an impressive milestone for Déepalma Records as they prepare to celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. The label has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, welcoming releases from some of the best-known artists on the planet whilst also helping springboard some of the industry’s most promising talents. To celebrate ten years of Déepalma, the imprint will release a set of special anniversary singles throughout the year, along with two extra-special editions of its renowned seasonal compilation series, packed with a wealth of the label’s most influential music from the last ten years - not forgetting some amazing new tracks.

Dilby’s remix of Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca’s ‘Lo Que Siento’ is available now via Déepalma Records:

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