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Different tones of Techno are explored in VA Patterns IV from Brazilian label Prototype Music

by Nicolle Prado

In the Brazilian electronic scene, the deeper and more melodic layers of Techno have been well represented and explored - both nationally and internationally. This is because since 2019, Prototype Music has been developing an important role in front of these sounds, embracing them and expanding their concepts, in order to bring innovation within the genre scene by providing complete sound experiences. In this way, the label has established itself as a reference when it comes to getting out of the box, experimenting and breaking standards.

This ideology of the label is seen since its first steps, but gains even more strength in the annual compilation "Patterns", established in 2019, which ironically does not stick to any limit, quite the contrary, explores the most different tones of Techno, from the most energetic to the most melancholic sounds. The fourth edition arrived on the platforms on August 11, further reinforcing this concept and purpose, but this time, focusing on the Brazilian scene, with names that have been representing the strength of national Techno.

VA is a dynamic and powerful compilation, which brings eight tracks that prove through music the richness and technical quality of the talents found in Brazil. The productions presented take us on a journey through sounds and sensations, ranging from deep and dense to energetic and vibrant melodies, with elements that create this immersive atmosphere. For this releases were invited the artists who already have a link with the label and who embrace this proposal, being them: Colussi, Bloemer, Doguez, Gadas, Main Identity, Melgazzo, Ortus, D Mayer, Saint Carmo, Thiago Kruse and Vinny.

This journey already begins with intensity in "Obsidian", a collaboration of the headlabel Colussi with Bloemer, with bold beats, a dense progressiveness and pulsating synths. And, it continues with a lot of energy in "Keep Moving", which Doguez and Gadas present a synergistic melody between the vibrant and the sublime, which gains even more momentum after the break introduced by a vocal and strong key lines. The subsequent "Eminence", by Main Identity, grows in this same vehemence, but working percussive rhythms in order to compose a unique arrangement.

The somberness explored by Melgazzo in "Wake Me Up" is synesthetic causing electrifying and mysterious feelings, which completely envelop the listener causing immersion in this atmosphere composed of strong electronic drums, distorted beats and an impactful vocal. While Ortus and D Mayer in "Nebula" bet on a production that starts subtly, with sparkling synthesizers and, gains textures and layers, as if we were entering this nebula and discovering what is in the middle of it.

In a solo production, Saint Carmo brings a powerful work in "Dominator", a track with growing sound collages, marked by the sublime ambience of his beats, synths and resonant vocal lines. For "Memento Mori", Thiago Kruse prepares the ground for the end of the journey - and the VA - with a strong progressive groove, which keeps us attached to the melody marked by layers and textures, while Vinny brings closure with "Ascension", with its softer arrangements, but still complex in proposing mesmerizing emotions and the captivating vocal, which gives this tone of completion to the journey. If you're curious to experience all this in your skin, just embark on this journey in the play below:

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