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CRRDR returns with new album ‘RIP Latin Core 2K24’

After a year of touring Latin America and Europe, exploring the meaning of Latin Core and Latin Tek, CRRDR prepares to close the year with his emotional and transcendental release RIP Latin Core 2k24, out now.

Motivated by the music industry’s censorship of his track ‘Traaa’, which was removed from all digital platforms for copyright reasons, RIP Latin Core 2k24 sees the multidisciplinary artist unleashing his creativity across 23 tracks of experimental brilliance.

The LP explores Latin Core music using samples and edits of pop, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton tracks, to pioneer a fresh fusion that has revolutionized global dancefloors in recent years.

Rip Latin Core 2K24 is a deep reflection on the past that we must let go of, the present that we must face and the future that is still uncertain, with CRRDR resampling and reinterpreting Latin American and pop music in a DIY format to pioneer the new sounds of Latin fusion.

Whether it’s the heavy Latin grooves of album opener ‘Todo tiene su final’, the funk guitar flavours of ‘Gargaras’ or the uptempo Pitbull-sampling ‘Rumba’, CRRDR is constantly finding new ways of spinning classic South American sounds in his own unique vision.

On album closer ‘ME TENGO Q IR’, CRRDR invites us on an emotional journey through Latincore taking the foundations of Salsa and reminds us that, ultimately, music is the universal language that connects our souls. The track premiered on 1st December with an anticipated music video.

"This one goes for the love that was not, for what we were and are no longer, for the past that must be let go, the present to face and the future that we don't know if it will come”, CRRDR says of the track. “This song is a tribute to you and me, to everything we lived through, to our friends, our relationships and our family. It represents the change that will always come, the time that inexorably moves forward and our uncertainty about how long we will be together."

An exclusive full album mix of RIP Latin Core 2k24 will be premiered on Angel’s Gun Club on 12th December, offering fans a chance to experience this moving work of art in an immersive setting. Further gigs include 22nd December in Toronto, Canada, a Brazil tour in February 2024, as well as more dates to be confirmed around Europe for March.

Corredor/CRRDR is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bogota creating raving atmospheres fusing the latin sounds with electronic and rave music. In recent years, the artist has had the opportunity to collaborate with various local and international labels where he has been able to share various particularities of electronic music, from ambient to tek, always expressing Latin fusion.

RIP Latin Core 2k24 not only marks the closing of a stage in CRRDR's career, but also generates great anticipation for what the year 2024 may bring. The future looks bright for this constantly innovating artist.

RIP Latincore 2K24 album tracklist

1. Todo Tiene Su Final

2. Pal Cruze

3. Gargaras

4. Menea La Colita

5. Besito En El Cuello ft. Paltamango

6. Rumba

7. Albatroz



10. K Comience La Fiesta

11. Esta K

12. Fumo Mariguana

13. Bum Shakasha

14. Cumbia-Core

15. I Need The Bass

16. I Think I LIke

17. LA CUM

18. La Yerba Del Tek

19. Neni Ven

20. Pegaito

21. Que La Chupen

22. Tu No Mete K

23. Weh

24. Me Tengo Q Ir


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