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Casta lands on Modarnity with Look At Yourself

If you've been missing your monthly dose of Modarn tunes, well you better get ready because Modarnity is back for 2022. This time we're bringing you a banging EP from Casta (USA) titled Look At Yourself.

Look At Yourself is a stone solid Tech-house roller that pulls out all the stops. The tough bass-line will get you stomping your feet to the clean and crisp percussion and punchy kick drum. The call and response between the vocal and synth stabs float you across the rave-space seamlessly so that every drop brings you right back into the electric groove.

Bounce keeps the strong Tech-house vibe going while capturing a bit of a more emotional atmosphere. The smooth pads and melodic vocals take you on a trip from the moment the song begins all the way to the end. The synth stabs and catchy bassline flow over the bouncy rhythms and if you close your eyes you might just forget you're not at a festival out in the desert.

Casta - Look At Yourself is out now


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