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Carl Cox's Intec protege Luca De-Santo returns from hiatus with a serving of powerful melodic techno

Aether Recordings was founded in 2020, a label borne out of the early pandemic lockdowns. Now on to their 21st release, introducing the highly talented Luca De-Santo. After a much-needed hiatus, Luca makes an emphatic return, with a refreshingly original and evocative serving of melodic techno.

The lead track ‘Straight To Orbit’ is an anthemic number. It starts with a delicate introduction before bringing in a groove-fuelled bassline coupled with galactic bleepy arp builds, rounded off with a soulful vocal cut interspersed throughout this euphoric number, set to send fans into…orbit!

The B-side ‘Mainline’ is arguably another lead track, with a high tempo from the off. The production is underpinned by its driving bassline, marry this to the hypnotic vocals and the delicate yet progressive lead melody which builds throughout. The result is a ‘lost in the music’ moment for dancefloors around the world.

Label owner and artist Sam T. Harper remixes ‘Mainline’. Sam’s take focuses on the synths while combining them with a tension-filled melodic bass harp. The result is a hauntingly beautiful progressive number.

Luca De-Santo’s return is a real statement of intent with two lead tracks and a stunning remix, all delivering different yet equally euphoric results.

Luca De-Santo 'Straight Into Orbit EP' is out now on Aether Recordings, buy or stream HERE


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