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Boysnoise Records release new David Löhlein "Hotel Pool" remix package

Featuring DJ Swisherman, Boys Noize, Chloé Robinson, DJ ADHD, u.r.trax, Mara, and Vela

The release of Stuttgart techno boss David Löhlein’s HOTEL POOL EP earlier this year brought his young, Latin-inflected sound to Berlin-based BNR, and now with HOTEL POOL REMIXES, Löhlein’s tracks are traveling the world.

The first stop is Spain, where DJ SWISHERMAN (along with BOYS NOIZE himself) expand “HOTEL POOL’s”arrangement with a Carnaval of samples, accents and build-ups.

A short hop north sees the UK’s Chloé Robinson and DJ ADHD compressing “CUANDO VENGAS” into a pressure chamber of tooth-rattling bass, as staccato percussion skitters off of the steel walls.

France’s u.r.trax brings out the alien in “LA PISCINA” over a Baltimore-club kick pattern, while retaining its galloping, double-timed arpeggiated bass.

With “TIPSY DANCING (Hotel Pool Cut),” Löhlein returns home to join buzzing locals MARA & VELA, who jump on the mic for a pop-forward rework that reflects the vibrant crossover sound ascendant in Germany.

Ending with the original mix of the title track, HOTEL POOL REMIXES completes its journey as energetically as it began - you don’t feel jet lagged if you never sleep.

Artist(s): David Löhlein, DJ Swisherman, Boys Noize, Chloé Robinson, DJ ADHD, u.r.trax, Mara, Vela, Title: Hotel Pool Remixes Record Label: Boysnoize Records Cat.Number: BNR233 Release Date: 1st December 2023

Tracklist: 1) Hotel Pool (DJ Swisherman x Boys Noize Remix) 2) Cuando Vengas (Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD Remix) 3) La Piscina (u.r.trax Remix) 4) Tipsy Dancing (Hotel Pool Cut) [with Mara & Vela] 5) Hotel Pool (Original Mix)


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