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Arman (AM) Debuts On Earthly Delights With New Organic House EP ‘You Can't Leave’

Arman (AM)
Arman (AM)

Earthly Delights is a melodic house record label that focuses on tracks with deep atmosphere and organic textures. The new release comes from Arman (AM) who joins the label's impressive roster of artists, which also includes the likes of Be Svendsen, Hraach, Armen Miran and Raw Main.


Based in Armenia, Arman (AM)'s debut on Earthly Delights is a spellbinding EP that features three original tracks in a style reminiscent of other artists such as Lee Burridge.


"You Can't Leave" opens the release with shuffling hi-hats that fill the groove with a steady flow of energy, while the soothing vocals and atmospheric pads create a mesmerising atmosphere.


"Sunrise" is an uplifting cut with an upbeat melody that builds with intensity as this majestic track unfolds with the help of modulating tones, haunting pads and flowing percussion.

"My Dream" has softly sung vocals and a fluttering melody synth making it a trippy track fuelled by floaty pads and the refreshing rhythms of lively percussion.


Get a copy HERE.


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