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ANOTR and Sebastian Kamae release brand new single 'Time To Smoke'

15th August

ANOTR partner with fellow Dutch talent Sebastian Kamae to drop the second single from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Time To Smoke’.

Approaching the release of their biggest musical project to date, No Art founders ANOTR have just dropped their debut fashion line and hosted their debut festival in the heart of Amsterdam with eight-thousand attendees for a celebration of the duo's vision to fuse, merge and elevate art. The next offering amid a non-stop summer? The second single from their forthcoming debut album...

Collaborating with fellow Dutchman Sebastian Kamae on keys to craft a silky house cut oozing with class, the trio unveil the effortless sonics of ‘Time To Smoke’ following on from the long-awaited release of ‘Vertigo’. Delicate yet powerful, suspenseful yet euphoric, the collaboration showcases the song-craft talents of the label heads as they continue to shape and channel their own vision of house music.

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