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alias_j debuts on Chrom Recordings with 'Recovery Loss'

The artist behind the latest Chrom EP is Jon Ojeda aka alias_j. His debut solo release in 2021 on Pig & Dan's ELEVATE has been skyrocketing the Beatport charts, just like his first remix a few months later on Loöq Records.

The release opens with ‘Recovery Loss’, a driving melodic techno cut with heaps of gritty harmonies and ethereal frequencies. Its roughened drum sequencing and crisp hat grooves pave the way for a pulsating bassline and mystic synth lines as it travels through a myriad of atmospheric storytelling segments into climactic builds and electrifying drops.

‘Generation Now’ follows suit with more interplanetary vibes from the outset. Punchy kicks and fizzing percussive energy lead the track into rising melodies and rippling bass notes with sirenic vox chops dotted in between its saw-like persona, carving out another galactic-infused standout dancefloor cut.

The EP comes to a close with ‘The Fight feat. McFiendish’, completing a trio of compelling signature records. Another flurry of poignant drum work and delicate instrumental cadence pave the way for an endless sea of individual melodic elements, forging a journeyman’s tale across the universe with gripping vocals and intrinsically touching emotions from start to finish.

alias_j’s ‘Recovery Loss’ EP is out now on Chrom Recordings.


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